Magic Solution for vldPersonals Sites!

Vld personals solution

Do you have a vldPersonals dating site with existing members and think that you are not able to realize the real profit potential of your site? Then, we have the right solution for you! We developed a very interesting API that allows us to migrate your existing dating site members to a new World Singles platform which then does all the payment and customer support for you. You simply start a partnership with World Singles and they do all the hard work to increase the number of paid members and provide excellent customer support in any language and also wide range of payment options like PayPal, credit or debit cards, local payment options, checks, and so on. Here is a verdict from an ex-vldpersonals site owner:

VLDmagic is really magic! I had about 15,000 members at my Polish dating site and I was generating almost no revenues and as soon as I partnered with World Singles who provided me a great dating platform, I started making over $1000 per month!

Here are the benefits of switching to World Singles solution for VLDpersonals sites:

  • Very easy implementation
  • Full migration of your members or co-registration option
  • Benefit from the pool of existing dating members
  • Very high conversion rates
  • Almost all global & local payment options
  • New member reviews and 24/7 customer support for members are done for you
  • No need for additional vldpersonals mods or download
  • No need to check vldpersonals forums for technical queries
  • All you do is to work on the marketing of the site, nothing else!

Please email us to learn more: from World Singles Dating Affiliate Program .

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